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Decanter centrifuge connected service offering


Remote Monitoring

Alfa Laval Remote Monitoring gives you the fastest and best support from Alfa Laval. It enables our service experts to provide you with valuable advice on maintenance, service planning, process optimization and troubleshooting. Your decanter is connected to Alfa Laval’s monitoring system via internet, allowing our staff to access its data remotely and support you in the best way. 

Fast and accurate help 

With Remote Monitoring, our service engineers can monitor your decanter centrifuges' operating parameters remotely when you call them for support. This minimizes time for diagnosing problems and sending spare parts in case your decanter needs servicing or repairing. 

Remote access 

Remote Support Monitoring also gives you remote access to your decanter centrifuges through Alfa Laval’s service web. Technical data can be analyzed through a web interface, making it easy to benchmark different decanters and optimize operation. There is also an option to send alarms via SMS or email. 








Remote Control 

If your equipment is based in a remote area or in a distance. There is a possibility to add remote control to your remote monitoring. This will enable you to change key parameters on your equipment from distance.   




ConditionAlertTM is a condition monitoring system for your Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge that allows you to make predictive maintenance and optimize service intervals. In most cases this reduces service costs and increases operating reliability.

A set of sensors keeps track of the condition of critical decanter’s components. The data is sent to a central server for analysis and if any anomalies are detected, the system alerts Alfa Laval’s service engineers who assess the situation and contacts you for planning of service well before any problems arise.







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