Виробництво напоїв

Світовий попит на напої (безалкогольні напої, соки, вода в пляшках, кава, чай, пиво, сидр, вино тощо) продовжує безупинно зростати. Умовою успішного виробництва напоїв є максимальна ефективність використання сировини та підтримання на належному рівні характеристик кінцевого продукту завдяки безпечному, економічному та екологічному обробленню. Альфа Лаваль постачає обладнання, модулі та виробничі лінії в зборі, призначені для забезпечення потреб індивідуальних виробників напоїв і пивоварень.

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On the pulse of beverage production and innovation

Beverage processing companies and breweries face numerous challenges. The costs of raw materials, ingredients and production are all increasing, but you still have to deliver tasty, low-priced drinks to ever-more demanding consumers.

 You must also comply with increasingly stringent restrictions placed on your products, and minimize the environmental impacts of your production set-up.

Alfa Laval beverage equipment and processing solutions help you overcome these challenges by reducing production costs and cutting consumption of energy, water and other utilities, as well as ensuring exceptional hygiene levels.

Our equipment and solutions ensure reliable, hygienic production as well as efficient, effective cleaning-in-place (CIP) of production lines – complying in full with the strictest regulatory standards for hygienic applications.

Equally importantly, Alfa Laval enables you to:


  • Increase production yields and maintain long running times, through high availability and uptime levels
  • Decrease ingredient and product loss levels by getting more out of your raw materials
  • Reduce consumption of utilities, such as energy and water, and recycle waste streams.

For instance, our latest range of separators cuts energy consumption by 30%. And using the right Alfa Laval pump for your specific processing parameters can reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%. 



Beer recovery

Through an Alfa Laval microfiltration system, Oettinger Brewery has been able to recover 20-25 thousand hectoliters of beer from harvested yeast and reduce CO2 emissions.

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