Розширення можливостей дівчат через освіту

В рамках зобов’язань Альфа Лаваль щодо залучення громад, компанія надає стипендії 40 дівчатам в Індії зі стипендією протягом п’яти років.

ДАТА 2023-11-28

The Avasara Academy is a progressive secondary school that educates girls of exceptional promise. The scholarship program that will support the 40 girls from Avasara Leadership Institute was officially launched by Anantha Padmanabhan, Managing Director India and Cluster President India-Middle East-Africa in June 2018. Attending the occasion were Joseph Cubas, Principal of Avasara, students, and from Alfa Laval India, Nishant Srivastava, Lalita Vasu and Devendra Birajdar. The selection of students for the scholarships was based on the academic performance of the girls and their financial situation.

I am so happy that Alfa Laval has taken up this project and we hope to be able to contribute to sustainable development of this community and support these bright girls in achieving their dreams" says Anantha Padmanabhan, Cluster President & Managing Director.

In addition, supporting 40 students with scholarships for five years, the project also includes installation of solar panels on four school buildings and creating a modern library.
This engagement with Avasara will be the biggest project taken under by the CSR Committee in India during 2018 and it compliments Alfa Laval's Business Principle to make a positive contribution to the local community.

About Avasara

Avasara Academy is a progressive secondary school that educates girls of exceptional promise for a lifetime of leadership and contribution to society. Outstanding students, selected on merit, engage in a specialized curriculum that combines academic excellence with Leadership, Entrepreneurship and India Studies. At Avasara, the learning experience includes faculty advisors, mentors, independent study opportunities, small class sizes, a diverse group of talented students, and a curriculum of extraordinary depth. Avasara believes that a student's ability to pay fees should not affect her chances to experience this unique and holistic educational opportunity.

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Організація Об'єднаних Націй прийняла 17 Цілей сталого розвитку на 2030 рік, відомих як Глобальні цілі, досягти яких зобов'язалися світові лідери. Зараз бізнес, подібний до нашого, повинен вести нас в цьому напрямку.

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