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Hygienic tubes

Rely on Alfa Laval hygienic tubes for contaminant-free connections throughout your hygienic processing systems. For safety, reliability, and efficiency, choose the wall thickness, interior surface finish and tolerance that meet your precise requirements from a broad range of stainless steel tubes for standard duties. All hygienic tubes undergo stringent quality control procedures and meet global hygienic standards to safeguard process integrity and process quality.

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Hygienic tubing at its best – the safety, hygiene, quality and availability you need

  • Faster cleaning times thanks to high-quality, interior surface finishes
  • More uptime thanks to high weld quality and smooth surface finishes
  • Enhanced safety due material tested according the EN 10204 3.1 standard
  • Exceptional performance with compliance to ISO 9001 quality management standards
  • Easy access to and fast delivery from strategically located global distribution centres

Let Alfa Laval hygienic tubes raise productivity and control costs by ensuring hygienic connections throughout your processing lines. To optimize process flow rates, choose from a broad portfolio of tubes and fittings with smooth, crevice-free design, superior corrosion-resistance, and secure, self-aligning joints. Easy to order, these come in the surface finishes, uniform wall thicknesses, tight tolerances, and global standards that your processes require. Available worldwide, they are backed by Alfa Laval’s global presence and local service and support.

How does hygienic tubes work?

Alfa Laval hygienic tubes are manufactured from cold rolled stainless steel material and longitudinally welded. The tubes are available with and without heat treatment (annealing). The products not annealed will always be pickled and passivated (chemical surface treatment) to remove weld heat tinted layers from the surface and to re-establish the protection layer. The annealed products can be bright annealed (controlled atmosphere annealing) or pickled and passivated.



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CAD Portal for installation material

Neutral? Native? 3D PDFs? Find what you need to source parts and components, create new designs, or share designs with your collaborators through the Alfa Laval CAD Portal. Using detailed CAD models, quickly evaluate products, download 2D and 3D drawings, and collaborate with colleagues to design the optimal hygienic process or system.

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Close at hand product catalogue about Installation Material

At your fingertips: Alfa Laval hygienic fittings and tubes for your critical process connections. Our ‘Close at hand’ catalogue details everything you need – unions, bends, tubes and more – to meet exacting demands for reliability and efficiency for standard and high-purity duties. What you get is increased safety, more uptime, and greater productivity.

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