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Перевірка герметичності від Альфа Лаваль

Профілактичний сервіс розбірних пластинчастих теплообмінників

Проактивний підхід до безпеки і збільшення терміну служби

Розбірні пластинчасті теплообмінники надійні, але, як і будь-яке обладнання, вимагають належного технічного обслуговування. Перевірка герметичності від Альфа Лаваль допоможе вам виявити потенційні проблеми, такі як тріщини чи протікання, щоб ви могли вчасно вжити необхідних заходів і уникнути несподіваного виходу з ладу. Завдяки цій профілактичної послузі ви можете планувати терміни технічного обслуговування пластинчастих теплообмінників і гарантувати безпеку вашої продукції.

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What is Integrity Test?

Alfa Laval Integrity Test is designed especially for gasketed plate heat exchangers and tubular heat exchangers. It helps you in the early detection of leakages and understand more about the condition of your plates and gaskets. With this knowledge, you can improve maintenance planning for your heat exchangers, stay in control of your production process and secure the safety of your product. In addition, the proactive approach gives you confidence in the reliability of your equipment.



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How does our Integrity Test for heat exchangers work?

Our Integrity Test offers unmatched accuracy and safety. A non-toxic, non-flammable mix of hydrogen and nitrogen is pumped through your heat exchanger(gasketed/tubular) revealing any microscopic cracks, corrosion or material fatigue. Our precision sensors pick up any discharge of gas and identify the type of flaw - micro-cracks, corrosion, gasket failure and more. The heat exchanger test takes as little as 15 minutes per section. With this test our experts detect cracks in your unit’s plates and evaluate the risk of media cross-contamination. Watch this explanatory animation. 

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Integrity Test method – Heat exchanger leak detection

‘Adding value to your daily operations’

Product Safety

The risk of product safety and product loss is decreased. This leak detection test identifies the conditions of plates, whether corrosions or micro-cracks and reduces the risk of product safety.

Equipment Uptime

Improve maintenance planning and avoid unexpected downtime. Doing this test once or twice a year will significantly improve maintenance planning and ensure the equipment is in good condition. As a result, the lifespan of your heat exchangers is prolonged.


The Integrity Test Balloon Experiment

In the food and beverage industries, safety is paramount. At Alfa Laval, we believe proactivity is the best way to ensure safe production and that’s why we offer an integrity test for heat exchangers. This video illustrates our approach.

Watch the video to explore how Integrity Testing works

With this test our experts can detect cracks in your unit’s plates and evaluate the risk of media cross-contamination. How does it work? Watch this explanatory animation.