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Convap® is a single-wall, two-phase scraped-surface evaporator (SSE) with high efficiency for high-viscosity and high-fouling material. It has been specially designed to effectively concentrate products to extremely high solids levels.


  • Convap can process fluids to essentially zero moisture content.
  • Continuous scraping action and high turbulence ensure impressive heat transfer coefficient when concentrating high solids material.
  • Advanced design allows Convap to handle high viscosity and high fouling materials that exceed the limitations of other evaporation solutions.
  • Vacuum conditions preserve valuable colour, flavour and nutritive product components.
  • Vertical design ensures a small footprint when limited space is available.
Convap® evaporators are used for drying food and other products, and are especially suitable for materials that have been pre-concentrated by other means and have become too viscous to handle. In many cases, Convap® can concentrate up to 99% total solids. Continuous scraping prevents build-up of fouling, securing reliable thermal performance with a high temperature differential. In addition to improving efficiency, this also preserves the quality of heat-sensitive products.

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Contherm Service Offering

Partnering with Alfa Laval for the service of your Contherm scraped surface heat exchanger will ensure your heat exchanger is always working at top performance.

  • Easy commission and installation
  • Safe start-up
  • No unexpected downtime
  • Reduce total costs of ownership
  • Upgrade your scraped surface heat exchanger to achieve more

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