Dry hopping

A full range of equipment to extract the essential from hops

Alfa Laval provides solutions for effective dry or cold hopping – the process of adding hops to the beer after primary fermentation. In releasing essential oils from hops, the process enhances flavour and aromas lost in the brewhouse without adding to the beer’s bitterness. The practice has become widespread in recent years, during which styles such as India Pale Ale have gained popularity.

Ensures you get the most out of your hops in a practical and efficient way

  • Dry hop large volumes at one time (IMXD)
  • Complete homogenization assured through dynamic agitation (IMXD)
  • Low product losses (IMXD and Alhop)
  • No risk of blockage (IMXD and Alhop)

Alfa Laval has solutions for all main stages of the dry hopping process: pellet introduction, disaggregation, aroma and flavour extraction as well as removal of hop material. The Alfa Laval solutions for dry hopping are designed to help brewers produce distinctive beers while maximizing yield, minimizing process time, improving cleaning procedures and minimizing losses.


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