Brewhouse - challenges and solutions


Wort preparation

Slow wort production, high energy usage, ingredient loss, high water consumption and spoilage are some of the issues in wort production and fermentation. Ordinary issues for which we have extraordinary solutions to raise brewhouse performance.

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  • Oxidation during mashing and risk of staling


  • Increase in yield by pushing out all beer lines with deaerated water
  • Improved beer flavour stability and shelf life


Separation of trub, pelletized or whole hops from your wort.

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  • Loss of wort and considerable beer waste
  • High carry-over of solids to wort cooler may cause fouling 
  • Potential high disposal cost of waste trub


  • Recover 99% of wort otherwise lost as trub, yielding more beer
  • Reduced whirlpool time and less energy and water consumption
  • Higher hop utilization from counter-current flushing of solids
  • Reduced disposal and reduced fouling/clogging in wort cooler
  • Convert trub into valuable by-product

Wort cooling

Cool your wort after boiling.

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  • High energy cost


  • Energy reduction of up to 40% by reuse of energy from wort boiling to heat subsequent brews

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