Випробувальний та навчальний центр Альфа Лаваль, Морські можливості - досліджуйте реальність

Випробувальний та навчальний центр Альфа Лаваль в Ольборзі, Данія зосереджений на вивченні сьогоднішніх інновацій, створюючи основу у майбутнє. Тут ми тестуємо обладнання, додатки та технологічні лінії в масштабі океанського корабля - маючи контроль та зручність, які не можливі в морі.

Equipped to find tomorrow’s solutions

With its 2800 m2 testing space, the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre offers a wide range of facilities. One portion is a full-size machine room simulation, with Alfa Laval products integrated into major process lines around a 2 MW marine diesel engine. Other areas have a highly specific focus, such as combustion research. The Limfjord, which connects the Kattegat Strait with the North Sea, provides the centre with a direct supply of seawater.

Within the centre’s scope is the full range of marine fuels and related applications. Like the industry itself, the centre works with traditional and low-sulphur fuels, as well as LNG. But the most remarkable innovation is occurring with emerging alternatives, such as methanol and other biofuels. Likewise, the centre is involved in developing critical new energy technologies, such as fuel cells and Organic Rankine Cycle systems.


Coordinated work in many constellations

A single, integrated control system connects the centre’s equipment with the control room and training complex. We can thus use parts or all of the centre for defined goals, from evaluating customer-specific configurations to laying the groundwork for new solutions in energy savings, safety and environmental protection.

As a result, the centre has a key role in Alfa Laval’s many research partnerships, including projects through Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping and those funded by Danish EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program).

Whether training for the present or innovating for the future, the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre makes possibilities real.

Alfa Laval Test and Training Centre collage