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Alfa Laval’s GLX range of brazed gas-to-liquid plate heat exchangers offers a more flexible way to meet the demands of applications with challenging operating conditions. The unique open inlet design of GLX heat exchangers maximizes media flow rates while ensuring the lowest possible pressure drop. Delivered as modules, they can be easily assembled into larger systems to help optimize performance efficiency.

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Handle more with brazed gas-to-liquid technology

  • Cross-flow arrangement with open inlets/outlets on the low-pressure side ensures the lowest possible pressure drop when working with gas media
  • Supports temperatures as high as 750°C with no risk of thermal fatigue failure
  • Designed to handle asymmetric volumetric flow rates with exceptionally high performance
  • Module design enables flexible flow configurations in larger systems

Pressure drop is a constant challenge with gas media, and the Alfa Laval has engineered our GLX range of gas-to-liquid heat exchangers with exactly this in mind. The range features a cross-flow arrangement that allows for high flow rates on the gas side, which is designed with completely open inlets and outlets. In addition to limiting pressure drop, this facilitates easy cleaning to help you keep maintenance-related downtime to a minimum. The GLX range is highly suitable for condensation applications.


Як це працює

Alfa Laval gas-to-liquid heat exchangers use thin, corrugated stainless steel plates to provide heat transfer from one medium to the other. Copper brazing seals the media in the plate pack, resulting in a high-efficiency heat exchanger that consists solely of surfaces that actively contribute to heat transfer. Contact points between the plates are also brazed, which improves resistance to pressure and temperature fatigue.

The arrangement of the channels formed between the plates ensures that media flow through alternate channels in a countercurrent pattern, which further optimizes the efficiency of the heat transfer. One channel is far larger than the other channel, enabling the unit to handle very large volumetric flow rates.

See for yourself

As efficient technology with a very small footprint, Alfa Laval’s GL plate heat exchangers can be used in positions throughout your process. View this example animation to learn more and see for yourself just how compact they truly are!


Are you ready to handle more?

Curious about what our GLX product line can bring to your business? Download an overview of our gas-to-liquid portfolio to learn more about how customers use this technology in a number of different applications. You will also find product configuration information as well as technical specifications.

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