Портал тепло- і холодопостачання Альфа Лаваль

Ласкаво просимо на портал по тепло- і холодопостачання Альфа Лаваль. Завдяки багаторічним дослідженням і випробуванням, ми створили найсучасніші пластинчасті теплообмінники, які застосовуються в системах ОВК. Унікальна конструкція теплообмінників Альфа Лаваль забезпечую більшу ефективність, надійність і зручність обслуговування.


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Quick selection guide

The Alfa Laval product guide is an easy-to-use tool to help you select the best solution for your application. It also lists local Alfa Laval partners and you can request a quotation for your selected product.

More with brazed

Meet the latest heating and cooling solutions from Alfa Laval. On this page you can read about some of the newest releases from Alfa Laval’s brazed heat exchanger portfolio.


Why Alfa Laval

Your heating and cooling partner



Alfa Laval’s products and solutions are used across industries throughout the entire value chain, and we have extensive experience working with local and international installers, contractors, system builders, OEMs, distributors and wholesalers in commercial and industrial markets. With our broad base of knowledge and wide range of technology, we can help you to find an ideal solution for whatever your operation demands.

Here you can read about some of the applications and industries we support. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions we can provide to meet your specific needs.



Air conditioning and heat pumps

Within air conditioning and heat pumps, Alfa Laval works continuously with customers to enhance energy efficiency and create new potential for more sustainable refrigerants. Discover our full range of solutions.

Heat pumps

For heat pumps, Alfa Laval can provide a heat exchanger fully optimized to your system, enabling the closest possible temperature approach for maximum efficiency.


Residential heating and domestic
hot water

Our equipment serves a wide variety of domestic heating and hot water applications, from gas boiler systems to solar, fresh water and district heating and mCHP.


HVAC cooling

Planning a cooling system can be complex. Our combination of experience, knowhow and high-quality heat exchanger technology has helped customers achieve success in a wide range of cooling applications


Oil cooling

Alfa Laval’s portfolio of compact oil coolers are made from the highest quality materials and engineered to provide mechanical strength and rugged reliability within a small footprint.


In renewable power, effective cooling and heating is critical for achieving sustainable production, storage or transformation of energy. Let us help you achieve the efficiency you demand.

Process cooling or heating

Alfa Laval is the global leader in heat exchangers for industrial thermal solutions, with equipment used in every industry and application imaginable. Find out what sets us apart.


Commercial refrigeration

Discover refrigeration solutions that deliver the highest performance and energy efficiency, with products optimized for natural and low-GWP refrigerants.



Explore the largest, broadest and most flexible heat exchanger portfolio on the market. With solutions for every application and function imaginable, it’s easy to find the perfect option to fit your needs.


Quick selection guide

The Alfa Laval product guide is an easy-to-use tool to help you select the best solution for your application. It also lists local Alfa Laval partners and you can even ask for a quotation for your selected product. Select your application area to get started. 

Product information

Brazed plate heat exchangers

Brazed plate heat

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Fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers

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Gasketed plate heat

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Product leaflets - brazed

AC16 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 474 kB
AC18 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 528 kB
AC40 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 590 kB
AC70 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 525 kB
AC72 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 527 kB
AC112 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 587 kB
AC220EQ Product leaflet 2018-01-18 598 kB
AC230 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 283 kB
AC232 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 299 kB
AC240DQ Product leaflet 2018-01-18 642 kB
AC500DQ Product leaflet 2018-01-18 625 kB
AC502 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 626 kB
AC1000DQ Product leaflet 2018-01-18 639 kB
ACH73 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 523 kB
ACP500EQ Product leaflet 2018-01-18 633 kB
AlfaQ AHRI Product leaflet 2018-08-30 2047 kB
AXP10 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 634 kB
AXP14 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 635 kB
AXP27an Product leaflet 2018-01-18 559 kB
AXP52 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 543 kB
AXP112 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 646 kB
CB10 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 502 kB
CB16 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 586 kB
CB18 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 580 kB
CB30 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 583 kB
CB410 Product leaflet 2018-10-03 761 kB
CB60 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 512 kB
CB62 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 504 kB
GL50 - GLN50 Product leaflet 2019-05-06 413 kB
GL80 Product leaflet 2019-05-06 783 kB
GL100 Product leaflet 2019-05-06 433 kB
GL150 Product leaflet 2019-05-06 456 kB
GLH50 and GLNH50 Product leaflet 2019-05-06 413 kB
GLH80 Product leaflet 2019-05-06 783 kB
GLH100 Product leaflet 2019-05-06 433 kB
GLH150 Product leaflet 2019-05-06 457 kB
GLX30 - GLXN30 Product leaflet 2019-05-06 275 kB

Alfa Laval Brazed replacement guide

Alfa Laval Brazed replacement guide is a cross referencing tool that finds the closest match between competitor units and the Alfa Laval units.

To get access to this tool, please contact us and we will help you get started.

Alfa Laval brazed plate heat exchangers

Quick selection guide

The Alfa Laval product guide is an easy-to-use tool to help you select the best solution for your application. It also lists local Alfa Laval partners and you can request a quotation for your selected product.


Knowledge bank

With more than 80 years of successful heat transfer development, we can offer you a wealth of information and resources for solving challenges or improving equipment performance. Whatever the issue, our thermal knowledge and sales centre has the answers you’re looking for.

White paper: Navigating a changing refrigerants market

A massive change is currently underway in the refrigerants market. Driven by environmental concerns, legislation is pushing a gradual phase out of traditional refrigerants in favour of new alternatives with lower global warming potential (GWP). Download this white paper for a fundamental primer on selecting and accommodating alternative refrigerants for diverse heating and cooling applications.

White paper: Ammonia permeation in semiwelded plate heat exchangers

Semi-welded plate heat exchangers are the perfect choice for a variety of refrigeration applications. Operators sometimes notice a weak smell of ammonia and worry that this may be due to a leak. In this paper we show that in most cases this smell is due to a natural process called permeation where a small amount of ammonia passes through the solid gaskets surrounding the portholes.

Refrigerants of tomorrow

Questions about the changes in today’s refrigerants market? Watch this short video about what type of refrigerant to select.

Energy efficiency

Discover advanced features for achieving sustainable, cost-effective energy efficiency in your heating and cooling applications.

Просте рішення для вашого бізнесу

Вибір теплообмінника з компанією Alfa Laval стає простішим.

AlfaNova: 100% нержавіючої сталі

Ознайомтеся з фактами про AlfaNova - теплообмінник з 100% нержавіючої сталі, виготовлений за унікальною, запатентованою технологією.

Five-point alignment secures a more reliable experience

In the quest to minimize potential downtime, Alfa Laval has developed features for improving heat exchanger reliability. Here, expert Torgny explains the five-point alignment system.

Expect improved serviceability

Features like ClipGrip™ that simplify maintenance help make sure you get the longest life and lowest cost of ownership from your equipment. Watch this video with expert Johan to learn more.

Achieve higher efficiency with CurveFlow™

In this video, Alfa Laval expert Martin explains how advanced features like the CurveFlow™ distribution area enables improved thermal efficiency.


Heating and cooling FAQ

Here you will find a number of common questions along with answers from Alfa Laval’s experts. Don’t see your question? Contact us today to get a personal response from our experienced team.


Our consultant tools

Based on unique knowledge from decades of experience supplying thermal solutions, Alfa Laval has been able to create a number of resources that you can utilize to facilitate your day-to-day work.



Alfa Laval heat exchangers are sold by local experts. Contact your nearest Alfa Laval expert to learn more.

Quick selection guide

The Alfa Laval product guide is an easy-to-use tool to help you select the best solution for your application. It also lists local Alfa Laval partners and you can request a quotation for your selected product.